Cemeteries & Memorials

Part of the State Benefits Division, the Cemetery and Memorials Program oversees the operation of state veteran cemeteries and the Angel Fire Vietnam Veterans Memorial.   

The Department currently operates cemeteries in Gallup, Ft. Stanton, and Angel Fire, with a fourth planned cemetery in Carlsbad.   These four locations represent areas of the state with large, underserved veteran populations.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide an easily accessible and honorable final resting place for rural-area veterans and to accommodate their future burial needs. 

In addition our state veteran cemeteries, New Mexico has two national veterans’ cemeteries–the Santa Fe National Cemetery in northern New Mexico and Ft. Bayard National Cemetery in the southwestern part of the state.   

To accommodate burial needs in one of our state veteran cemeteries, or to memorialize a veteran missing in action or missing at sea, please contact the appropriate cemetery below.  For all other assistance, please contact us at (505) 827-6356 or at (505) 231-8911. 


Ft. Stanton State Veteran Cemetery

1398 Hwy. 220 

Ft. Stanton, NM 88323

(505) 205-6707




Gallup State Veteran Cemetery

333 National Cemetery Dr. 

Gallup, NM 87305

(575) 921-3494




Angel Fire State Veteran Cemetery

31 Onate Rd. (County Rd. B4)

Angel Fire, NM 87710

(505) 225-4341




The State Veterans’ Cemetery and Memorials Program also oversees the Angel Fire Vietnam Veterans Memorial, recognized by the United States Congress as a “memorial of national significance.”  Approximately 45,000 individuals visit the Memorial each year.  For more information on the Angel Fire Memorial and other veteran memorials and monuments in New Mexico, please click here.  


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